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Available for checkout at Central Elem./High Media Center,/Parent Resource Center.
Central Elem./High School, 945 North Washington Ave., Talbotton, Georgia.
The Parent Resource Center is open on regular school calendar days from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Rm. # 22.


1. About Your Child's Report Card

2.  Ways Busy Parents Can help Children Succeed in School

3.  Ways Busy Parents Can Build Children's Self-Esteem

4.  Ways Busy Parents Can Motivate Children

5.  What to Do If  Your Child is Having a Problem at School

6.  Ways Busy Parents Can Help Children Learn... and Help Them Do Better in School

7.  Ways Busy Parents Can Read with Children ... and Help Them Do Better in School

8.  How to Work with Your Child's Teacher

9.  Teachers' Learning Secrets to Use at Home

10. Ways Busy Parents Can Build Responsibility in Children....and Help Them Do Better in School

11. Get Ready for the Parent-Teacher Conference

12.  It's Never Too Late To Get Involved

13.  Parents Are Teachers, Too!

14.  Ways Busy Parents Can Talk and Listen to Children... and Help Them Do Better in School

Available for checkout at Central Elem./High Media Center, Central Elem./High School, 945 North Washington Ave., Talbotton, Georgia. 

College Information Internet Sites

This is the information that can be obtained from the following websites:

1. Free application for federal student aid.  Federal Student Aid FAFSA
2  Register for the S.A.T.   CollegeBoard
3. Register for A.C.T.  ACT
4. Search for college scholarships, etc. College Answer


Building Readers Newsletter

Talbot County School District School and Family Partnership Agreement

Introduction: Effective schools are a result of families and educators working together.  Families play an important role in their child’s success in school.

You are invited to be a member of a team, a partnership in you child’s future.
Because the role of the public school in Talbot County is to educate and care for the students in its charge, Central Elementary/High School agrees to fulfill these responsibilities:

·         The school will provide a learning environment that is conducive to teaching and learning and protects students’ health, safety and rights.

·         The school will provide caring professional teachers, administrator, and staff.

·         The school will provide high quality curriculum and instruction that prepares students to be productive, informed, responsible members of society.

·         The school will be a resource for the information, skills, and support needed by the family to assist them in nurturing their child.

·         The school will communicate on a regular basis with the family in order to provide clear information on the child’s academic, social emotional and physical growth.

·         The school will arrange for conferences with the teacher and for observation of classroom activities.

·         The school will welcome the family as a partner in the education of the child and encourage family presence at the school as volunteers, committee members, input givers, etc.

·         The school will offer families learning opportunities that promote involvement in both their child’s education and in the school.

Because the role of the family is as great or greater than that of the school in determining a child’s success in school, the family agrees to fulfill these responsibilities:

·         The family will make sure that the child is well rested, nourished and appropriately dress so as to be comfortable at school.

·         The family will take an active part in preparing your child for school by teaching the child appropriate manners and respect for the rights of others.

·         The family will assist the child in being punctual to school and will assure his/her regular attendance.

·         The family will show interest in the child’s schoolwork by spending time in conversation with the child each day, providing opportunity and space to study and monitoring the quantity and quality of television being viewed.

·         The family will be knowledgeable of the resources provided by the school and use those resources, which assist them in the nurturing of their child.

·         The family will communicate with school staff and attend at least one teacher conference each year in order to gather information, answer questions and provide input about their child.

·         The family will show the child that school is an important place by participating in classroom activities, volunteering and regularly attending parent meetings and educational activities.

Principal___________________________  Family_______________________________


           Central Elementary/High Parent-Student-Teacher Compact
School Mission: At Central Elementary/High, we are committed to “Meeting the Standards and Reaching Beyond”.
As a Parent/Guardian, I will: (Any person who is interested in helping this student may sign in lieu of the parent.)

·         I will make sure my child gets a good night’s sleep.

·         I will see that my child attends school regularly and on time.

·         I will see that my child comes to school each day with the necessary tools for learning.

·         I will provide a home environment for my child to study every night; TV, radio, stereo off, no phone calls.

·         I will insist that all homework assignments are completed; I will help when needed.

·         I will communicate regularly with my child’s teachers to discuss my child’s needs and performance in school.

·         I will talk with my child about his/her school activities every day.

·         I will encourage my child through attention and interest in his/her progress in school.

·         I will support the school in developing positive behaviors and in its efforts to maintain proper discipline.

·         I will volunteer time at my child’s school.

·         I will encourage my child to read at home.  I will read with my child and will let my child see me read.

·         I will provide a Library Card for my child.

·         I will monitor my child’s TV viewing.

I will show respect and support for my child, the Teacher and the school.
Parent/Guardian Signature__________________
As a Student, I will:

·         I will come to school each day with pencils, paper and other necessary tools for learning.

·         I will complete and return my homework assignments.

·         I will always try to do my best in my work and in my behavior.

·         I will work cooperatively with my classmates.

·         I will obey the school and bus rules and will take pride in my school.

·         I will believe that I can and will learn.

·         I will show respect for my school other people and myself.
Student Signature_______________________

As a Teacher, I will:

·         I will believe that each student can learn.

·         I will come to class prepared to teach.

·         I will provide an environment conducive to learning.

·         I will enforce school and classroom rules fairly and consistently.

·         I will provide meaningful and appropriate homework activties.

·         I will provide necessary assistance to parents so they can help with the assignments.

·         I will help each child to his/her fullest potential.

·         I will maintain open lines of communication with my student and his/her parent.

·         I will seek ways to involve parents in the school program.

·         I will demonstrate professional behavior and a positive attitude.

·         I will show respect for each child and his/her family.

Teacher Signature_________________________

Hispanic Compact
Acuerdo Ligado a Aprender: Este acurerdo compromete a nuestra comunicad de la escuela para aumentar habilidades de la lectura y de las matematicas del estudiate asi que todos los estudiantes seran expertos al final del tercer grado.

Compromiso del padre: Yo

·        Estare al pendiente del progreso de mi hijo/a y dejare saber al maestro/a enseguida si noto algun problema.

·        Utilizare los materials de la lectura y matematicas que las escuela envie al hogar cada semana para ayudar a mi hijo/a.

·        Leere a mi hijo/a 20 minutos al dia y guardare una lista de nuevas palabras.

·        Le limitare la TV a una hora al dia y hablare con mi hijo/a acerca de nuestro programa preferido.

·        Le ayudare a mi hijo/a ver como utilizar la lectura y las matematicas para lograr sus intereses y metas.
Firma ________________________

Compromiso del esutudiate: Yo

·        Pedire ayuda a mi maestro/a y familiasi estoy teniendo dificultades al hacer mi tarea.

·        Practicare la lectura solo/a y con mi familia todos los dias

·        Trabajare en mis habilidades de matematicas y lectura en casa, usando los materials que mi maestro/a envie a casa.

·        Anotare las asignaciones, hare mi tarea todos los dias, y la entregare a tiempo.

·        Hablare con mi familia sobre mi programa favorite de TV.
Firma ________________________

Compromiso del maestro/a: Yo

·        Desarrollare una relacion con cada familia en mi clase.

·        Mantendre informadas a las familias acerca de el progreso y necesidades en cada material des sus hijos.

·        Me asegurare que cada estudiante reciba la ayuda que el o ella necesiten y tan pronto la necesite.

·        Mandare a casa materials para aprender de matematicas y lectura.

·        Explicare mi propuesta de ensenanza, expectativas, y calificaciones a los estudiantes y sus familias.

·        Trabajare en mis estrategias de lectura y matematicos para poder llegar a todos los ninos/as.

·        M asegurare que todo los estudiantes entiendan las asignaciones y ques es lo que aprenderan de ellos.
Firma __________________________

Compact Linked to Learning:  This compact pledges our school community to increase student reading and math skills so all students will be proficient by the end of third grade.

Parent’s Pledge: I will

·        Monitor my child’s progress and let the teacher know right away if I notice any problems.

·        Use reading and math materials the school sends home each week to help my child.

·        Read to my child 20 minutes a day and keep a list of new words.

·        Limit TV to one hour a day and talk to my child about our favorite program.

·        Help my child see how to use reading and math to pursue interests and goals.
Signature ________________________

Student’s Pledge: I will

·        Ask for help from my teacher and family if I am having trouble doing  my work.

·        Read on my own and with my family every day.

·        Work on my math and reading skills a home, using the materials my teacher sends home.

·        Write down assignments, do my homework every day, and turn it in when it’s due.

·        Talk to my family about my favorite TV programs.
Signature ________________________

Teacher’s Pledge: I will

·        Build a relationship with every family in my class.

·        Keep families informed of their children’s progress and needs in each subject.

·        Make sure every student gets the help he/she needs as soon as it’s needed.

·        Send home learning materials in math and reading.

·        Explain my approach to teaching, expectations and grading to students and their students.

·        Work on my reading and math strategies so that I can reach all children.

·        Make sure students understand assignments and what they’ll learn from them.
Signature __________________________