Current Talbot County BOE Meeting Minutes

Talbot County Board of Education

     Regular Meeting


August 16, 2016 @ 6:00 PM

Central Elementary/Middle/High School

Conference Room




  I.            Call to order by -- Mrs. Joretha Ryles, Chairperson

II.            Moment of Silence ----- Mrs. Joretha Ryles, Chairperson

III.            Pledge of Allegiance --- Mrs. Joretha Ryles, Chairperson

IV.            Approval of the Agenda----for August 16, 2016

V.            Approval of Minutes- June 28, 2016 & July 19, 2016

VI.            School Food Service Mrs. Blount

VII.            School System Finance-  Mrs. Biggs

  I.            Superintendent Items:

1.      Citizen Request -  Bobby Gates

2.      Audit Update & Budget

3.      Sport Complex Playground Committee Catrett & Mahone

4.      PTO Reorganization Catrett & Bonaparte

5.      Mentoring Grant--  Catrett & Bonaparte

6.      PIE Outreach Report--- Catrett & Dixon

7.      School  Climate Survey --- Catrett & Dixon

8.      Facebook Update Mr. Taylor

9.      Personnel  Update /Counselor-- Mr. Taylor

10.  Internal Account Mr. Taylor

II.            Executive Session

1.      Personnel

III.            Adjournment

The next regular meeting of the Board will be held on September 20, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in the Conference Room of the Central Elementary/Middle/High School, 945 North Washington Avenue in Talbotton, Georgia. The Public is invited.

AGENDA:  Any citizen who wishes to appear before the Board must make the request in writing at least five days prior to the regular work session meeting of the Board.  The request must state clearly the topic or issues to be addressed.  Each citizen who name is place on the agenda will be given three (3) minutes to make their comments.  The Board will not respond to comments or questions posed by citizens in their presentation, but will take those comments and questions under advisement.

Regular Board Meeting Date/Time
- Third Tuesday of each month , 6:00pm
Work Session Date/Time- First Tuesday of each month, 6:00
Place of Meeting - Central Elementary/High School, 945 N. Washington Ave,    Talbotton, GA

Feb.-April 2016 minutes received 6/1/16: posted 6/1/16

Dec. 2015 and Jan. 2016 Minutes Received 3/18/2016 (Friday): Posted Monday 3/21/2016.

Oct.-Nov Board Meeting Minutes received 12-18-15; Posted 1-4-16

July 27-Sept. 15, 2015 minutes received: 11-10-15: posted:11-10-15

Received 8-26-15: Posted 8-26-16
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